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Scope of activities

Established in 1979, Kernkamp Advocaten is a maritime, commercial and company law firm. Kernkamp Advocaten offers a range of legal services tuned to the economic activities in and around Rotterdam, one of the largest ports of the world. The firm specializes in maritime, commercial and company law. The practice includes collision, salvage, law on road transport, corporate finance, international trade contracts, legal developments on the internet, E-commerce, employment, finance, security arrangements and insurance law. Also, the specific issues of European law are part of our daily work.

Our philosophy

Kernkamp Advocaten is a mid-size firm. The firms attorneys may represent clients before all Dutch Courts, before the European Courts of Justice and the Belenux Court of Justice, and are admitted to plead before all Courts of the Memberstates of the Common Market (EEC). Fundamental to the firm is a commitment to provide a high quality of personalized service with an excellent standard of professionalism. The short lines of communication are beneficial to the working environment and the performance of our professionals. On the basis of sound experience, know-how and permanent professional education of all its legal professionals, the firm is able to assist its clients efficiently. The firm has longstanding working relationships with other professional advisors for tax, notarial, accounting, trustee and company management services with top qualifications in the Netherlands and abroad.

Corporate litigation

More and more lawyers stick to advice work. We have chosen to dedicate ourselves to litigation. Our firm is proud of its capacity to litigate a broad variety of matters. We handle all kinds of civil cases, varying from summary proceedings, to arrest matters, to complex proceedings before the Courts and Courts of Appeal. The firm also has a strong arbitration practice and is a Member of the participants' council of the TAMARA foundation, a Dutch Arbitration Foundation specialized in resolving disputes in the fields of shipping, transport and international commerce.

Office Address

Meent 106
NL-3011 JR Rotterdam
The Netherlands


+3110 3076677